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The Math Help Wizard has the following video lessons.
My main goal to help relieve the stress that many students feel when it comes to doing math.
All my videos present the lessons in a gentle, reassuring tone that helps students gain confidence.

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1. What Is a Fraction? (4:28)

2. Finding Factors (7:40)

3. Equivalent Fractions (5:46)

4. Simplifying Fractions (8:50)

5. Simplifying Fractions by Factoring (5:57)

6. Adding Fractions (6:10)

7. Adding Mixed Numbers (4:16)

8. Adding Mixed Numbers Part 2 (2:09)

9. Subtracting Fractions (6:09)

10. More Subtracting Fractions (6:14)

11. Multiplying Fractions (5:33)

12. Multiplying Mixed Numbers (4:03)

13. Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers (5:52)


1. What is a Decimal? (5:03)

2. Converting Fractions to/from Decimals (7:05)

3. Adding Decimals (6:59)

4. Subtracting Decimals (4:23)

5. Multiply Decimals (4:30)

6. Dividing Decimals (5:04)

7. Terminating & Repeating Decimals with Conversions To/From Fractions

1. What Is Percent?

2. Converting Percent To/From Fractions & Decimals

3. How to Find the Percent of a Number

4. Given the Part & the Whole, What percent Is It?

5. Given the Part & the Percent, Find the Whole


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